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Client: Pilot Productions, London /
Project: ‘Globe Trekker: Germany 2’ and ‘Globe Trekker: World War II in Germany‘, Documentaries /
Contact: Lucy Davie, Producer /

Fabian Diering of Molly Aida Film was our Contact on ‘Globe Trekker: Germany 2’ and ‘Globe Trekker: World War II in Europe’. I would highly recommend him and would be delighted to work with him again in the future. He was very hard working and thorough; he came up with creative ideas and solutions and had excellent organisational skills. He worked tenaciously and with good humour on a tough shoot with long hours and numerous locations.

Contact: Anne Bogart, Director /

In June and July 2008, Pilot Productions of the U.K. went into production for a new episode of their travel series “Globe Trekker”, to be filmed throughout Germany. I was the director of this episode, and luckily had the pleasure of working with Fabian Diering on all aspects of the production.

Fabian Diering proved himself to be extremely organized, and efficient, yet flexible for the ever-changing demands of a low-budget, documentary series at the mercy of everything from bad weather to last-minute script changes.
Fabian proved himself unflappable, as along our Germany road trip, he multi-tasked as a location scout/ production manager/ translator/ roadie/ B-roll camera man/ still photographer/ accountant/ deal-maker and tour guide. Half of these jobs he wasn’t even warned about, yet he never lost his sense of humour or team spirit.

In my opinion, he would be capable of handling any production challenge that comes his way and I look forward to working with him again as soon as I can.

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