MK Trading

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Client: MK Trading /
Project: Roaring Dragon /
Contact: Christoph Willumeit, Regie /
Making Of /

In January 2013 I shot an image/corporate film for a new client in Berlin with Producer Fabian Diering and Molly Aida Film. I have had the pleasure to experience Fabian’s efficiency before, but this time we were operating under the very tight budget confines of a fledgling company that had no money to burn. I was, to state it mildly, astounded at Fabian’s ability to secure a first-class location for us, drum up a crew of young top professionals eager to prove their mettle, and the fact that shooting and post production was a flawlessly orchestrated process where every detail was just right.

Fabian’s little black book obviously goes a long way in Berlin, and when it comes to organising a shoot or an entire production he is definitely the man to go to in this town. Aside from that he is simply a cool customer who isn’t ever rattled by any problem, challenge or mishap – a kind of film-industry Jeeves, if you like. I am greatly looking forward to working with Molly Aida Film again, because I can always rest assured he will make it happen – whatever “it” might be at that particular moment.

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