The Forgotten Army

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Creative Documentary /
Theatrical Release: March 2017 /
Director: Signe Astrup /
Producers: Costanza Julia Bani, Fabian Martin Diering and Signe Astrup /
Production Companies: Molly Aida Film GmbH and Sineast Filmproduktion (Germany) /
Funded through: BKM / DFFF /
Co-produced by: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Cine+ (Germany) and DR-K (Denmark) /
Licensed by: UR (Sweden) /
Distribution: Salzgeber Medien (Germany), Illumina Films (World Sales – The Netherlands

Forgotten Army Website

“The Forgotten Army” tells the story of former GDR (German Democratic Republic) soldiers, who after the Berlin Wall fell, haven’t come to terms with their past. Divided between radicals and legalists they are unable to find a real new identity in re-unified Germany. Since 1989 more than 250,000 border guards, high officers of the National People’s Army and Stasi officers not only lost their jobs, but also their homeland and their identities. They all did what they were told to do, confident that it was the right thing. Nonetheless they were in a dilemma: being faithful to their oath also meant to spy on their neighbours and – as a last consequence – shoot at their own people, trying to escape to the West. Today they either organize grotesque paramilitary activities or try to hold the memory and the values of their homeland high.


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